Is This The Future Or Now?

When I was in high school I read, as part of my School Certificate, George Orwell’s Animal Farm. While I can’t remember everything about the story I can remember that it was engrossing and the most enjoyable thing I had to read over my 6 years of High School. George Orwell wrote another great book, […]

Promotions For The Wrong People

It has been said many times, people get promoted beyond their abilities, and it is shown to be a true saying on more than one occasion. Especially with the government people are not placed in high level jobs due to their ability, they get there by saying they can do the job and showing some […]

The Time is R(18+)ight, Let’s Get R(18+)eady

It’s been a long time. When the Australian ratings for video games were first planned, computers and games consoles were very simple with the graphics and other capabilities no where near as good as they are now. For the past few years everyone involved in the games industry, either production or media, pushing the government […]

Useful Information

Travelling down the F3 Freeway on my way to Sydney today I saw the large changeable road signs being used for a purpose other than informing drivers of the same old RTA public service announcements. As part of the recommendations made to the RTA, after the major hold ups on the F3 earlier this year […]