Is This The Future Or Now?

When I was in high school I read, as part of my School Certificate, George Orwell’s Animal Farm. While I can’t remember everything about the story I can remember that it was engrossing and the most enjoyable thing I had to read over my 6 years of High School. George Orwell wrote another great book, […]

What’s So Special About 1 Day?

The year is over, a new one has begun and with it new decade. Each New Year’s Eve skies around the world are lit up with fireworks and lights marking the beginning of the new year. This one was no different. For New Year’s Eve 2009 I was invited to join the celebrations at The […]

Fah La La La La, La La La What?

Next week is Christmas. Is it the same Christmas as it was years ago? I say no. While I am not a religious person the complete commercialism of Christmas is a complete lack of understanding what is important. Christmas to me is a time of year where you spend time with family thinking about what […]

Love Thy Neighbour, If You Know Them

I’m the first to admit it, over the last few years I have noticed I don’t often talk to my neighbours. The main reason behind that is mostly due to my extreme work load and partially because they don’t often talk to me either. One part of the problem not talking to neighbours is due […]

(Almost) 8 days A Week

It’s Thursday night, a night people with jobs, and quiet often kids, head out to do their weekly shop with most shops open later than usual. Lately Thursday night has also become the first major night younger people head out to drink and meet up with friends. When I was younger it was only a […]